Top Ten Good News Stories You Probably Missed

Today’s video is all about those ten good news stories that you probably missed in your daily life. Take some time to catch up on some of the positive news that has been going on in the world around you! Plus, stay tuned until the very end for a bonus good news story!

1.Garbage Collector Rescues Books for Low Income Children

2. Teacher Gamifies Classroom

3. India’s School For Grannies Celebrates 1st Year

4. Diner Gives Ex-Cons A Second Chance

5. Stolen Van Gogh Painting Returned

6. College Students Spend Spring Break Installing Solar Panels on Impoverished Homes

7. Porche Gives 9,111 Euroes to ALL Employees

8. Homeless Girls Find Girl Scout Troop To Call Home

9. Genetically Engineered Microbes Make Own Fertilizer

10.Britain experiences first day without burning coal since Industrial Revolution

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