How To Make A Fidget Spinner Out of PVC Piping #Giveaway

Making a Fidget Spinner


In this video, I show you how to make a fidget spinner out of PVC Piping, along with some other things. Plus a #giveaway!

For those interested in entering the fidget spinner/fidget cube giveaway, be sure to follow this link to find out all the details, including how to enter (competition ends June 30th at 11:59 pm):

Here are the detailed instructions and list of things you need for this particular build:

1- 1/2″ cross piece, PVC
4- 1/2″ rounded end piece, PVC
2- 22mm 608-2RS ball bearings (sortof hard to find, so here’s an Amazon link to the same ones I received: )
1- Bar of modeling clay
1- 1′ length of 1/2″ PVC piping (this is way more than you will need, but at shorter lengths the cutter tends to break the PVC, so better to have more than needed in this case).

Power drill (please follow all safety precautions when using power tools)
Straight file
PVC cutting tool
Glue gun w/glue sticks (obviously)

Compass (to draw the circle on the cross piece easier)
Ruler (to measure where the circle should go on the cross piece)
Solvent Cement (to glue everything together when you’re finished to keep it held in place)
Spray paint (you can paint it the PVC before you glue everything on, so that yours can be whatever color you want it to be)
Buttons (you can hot glue the buttons onto the center of the ball bearings, and this will give you more surface area to grasp when spinning the spinner)

Please note, I (Trinity) nor “The Good News Channel” or “The Good News HQ”, are not responsible for any damages or injuries done while making this device or any associated dealings with its construction. Please take all safety precautions when handling these materials/chemicals.

Step 1:
Draw a circle in the same size as the ball bearing onto the very center of your cross section.
Step 2:
Use the drill and file to make a hole large enough for the ball bearing to fit into. The tighter the fit, the better off you will be, so test often. You can always shave more off with the file, but you can’t put it back on!
Step 3: After assuring that your ball bearings will fit, go ahead and use your glue gun to carefully glue the ball bearing into place. If you are able to safely, put your thumb inside of the fidget spinner to keep the ball bearing level. Allow time for one side to dry before flipping to the next side!
Step 4: Put a small amount of modeling clay into the end pieces. This will give some weight to each end, and allow the spinner to spin longer. Making sure that the modeling clay is the kind that maintains moisture will ensure that the clay doesn’t dry out, crack, and become dislodged inside the spinner.
Step 5: Cut off 1″ sections of PVC piping to connect the end pieces to the cross section. Ensure a snug fit.
Step 6: Adjust the ball bearings as needed to ensure continued spinning. Once you feel that they are appropriately set, you can cement all the PVC pieces together as desired.
Step 7: Spin to your heart’s content!

Let me know how I can improve this guide and do a better job next time!

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