Try: Five Minute Friday

Try something new today!Try something new today!

I’m currently procrastinating on multiple things.  I could be working on Stephanie’s (my wife’s) Youtube channel, Sniffles with Snuffle, or I could be working on developing my new skills of “fill in the holes in the gravel driveway and remove the destroyed branches from the last storm” yard work.  I could be working on videos for my own channel, The Good News Channel, or making some animations for some clients.  Yet, it’s been a lazy day, and I really don’t feel like trying anything creative or new.

And, yet, here I am.  Participating in a writing prompt…thing…that I found through a friend.  And, in reality, sometimes we just need to try out new things, now don’t we?  I don’t really feel like doing anything productive right now, but I have to try, not just because I’m an adult, with adult things to do, and adult responsibilities, but because being out, and about, and doing things and trying new things makes me a better person, now doesn’t it?

So, I believe that I will start participating in this little experiment, called Five Minute Friday, wherein I’ll be trying to take their writing prompts and writing out a short, thought-filled post regarding any number of topics that they’ve decided that we as a group should write upon.  I think it’ll be good for our website here, and it’ll be good to try out something new.  This week’s prompt was on “Try“.

What is something new that you’ve tried in the past week?  Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, looks like I need to get to that yard work.  The “honey do” list never ends!

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  1. Glad you tried something new here then. 🙂 Welcome to the FMF community! Your FMF neighbor at #55

    • Me too 😀 Already making new friends! But, really, I’m so bad about procrastinating. I really should go outside and do the yardwork :p

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