Place: Five Minute Friday

There’s something very profound about this week’s Five Minute Friday, in that I think it speaks well to something that each and every one of us are searching for.  We’re looking for someplace to call home, someplace to find belonging, and someplace to land. In each of us there swells up this longing, and in one form or another we use our time and energy to attain this goal.

For many, it is faith, for others, activism.  For some it’s family, others might be their work families.  Some feel like they belong alone, and have decided to settle there, and some within this category do it in an unhealthy fashion and need help moving from this place to a safer, more healthy place.

It’s the reason why we’re so devestated when our homes are taken away from us.  It was our place, our escape, our place of belonging.  Whether the place is taken from us by natural disaster, family separations, flames, job displacement, or any other number of things, it is always the thing that we hold onto for as long as we can!

With it being Friday, most people are going home, or to their places where they feel like they belong, and I hope that everybody this weekend finds their way there safely.  Not everybody will be as lucky, which is unfortunate.  Travel safely, and enjoy the place that you belong in this weekend.

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  1. Hi FMF neighbor! This is wonderful. I think about home and place a lot lately, since, well… my new home place still feels unfinished. Still a few straggling unpacked boxes. 🙂 But yes, here we are, all longing for a home.

    I’m #73 in the linkup!

    • We’re still working on unpacking our boxes too! I actually just finished taking a week off of making good news videos to be able to get more boxes unpacked.

      We failed miserably at getting them all unpacked, mind you, but at least it’s not as much of a complete disaster zone as it was before!

      Thank you for stopping by neighbor 🙂 I’ll return the favor, as I like to talk to both of my neighbors 😀

  2. Well said! Thx for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I am a stay at home mom, so on Fridays. I am preparing for all of my people to be home on the weekends, and what fun things we are going to do. Thank you for sharing these truths about home, and I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

  4. So true, we’re all looking for a place where we can belong, a place where we can be ourselves and feel valued. Hope you have a good weekend too! Visiting from FMF #49.

    • Thank you for visiting! This is only my second FMF, and I’m enjoying the opportunity thus far. I hope that you also have a fantastic weekend!

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